JUDGE EDWARDS has been serving on the Fifth District Court of Appeals since February 10, 1999. She was a Family Court Judge in the Stark County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas from January, 1989 to February, 1999. Prior to becoming a Judge, Julie Edwards was Chief Referee (nka Magistrate) with the Family Court. Judge Edwards has also served as Chief of the Juvenile Division in the Stark County Prosecutor's Office and is former legal counsel to the Stark County Bureau of Support. Judge Edwards is a former President of the Ohio Association of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and was the first woman President of that organization. She is the former Chairman of the Medical/Legal Issues Committee of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Judge Edwards is the editor of a publication entitled, Child Development, A Judge's Reference Guide. She has lectured at statewide judicial conferences. Judge Edwards received her B.A. degree summa cum laude from the Ohio State University and her J.D. degree from the Ohio State University College of Law.

DEBORAH ROLAND is a Staff Attorney for Judge Edwards. She is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Chicago and Ohio State University College of Law, has served as a Judicial Attorney for Summit County Court of Common Pleas and was an associate at a law firm in Cleveland. Debbie can be reached at 330/451-7898.

RUTH ANNE DINGWELL is a staff attorney for Judge Edwards. She graduated summa cum laude from Malone College in 1987 and summa cum laude from the University of Akron School of Law in 1990. Ruth Anne served the Court from 1990-2003 as Staff Attorney for Judge John R. Milligan, Judge W. Don Reader and Judge W. Scott Gwin. Ruth Anne can be reached at 330/451-7764.

MARGUERITE NICHOLSON is Judge Edwards' Judicial Administrative Assistant. Marguerite began her legal career in 1992 with the Stark County Family Court. She is a graduate of Sandy Valley High School. Marguerite can be reached at 330/451-7766.